Saturday, May 1, 2010


"Computronium refers to material engineered to maximize its use as a computing substrate. It can refer both to advanced hypothetical materials engineered by nanotechnology on the molecular, atomic, or subatomic level, or to contemporary computing materials.
Currently our computational devices are relatively large, power-hungry, complex individual devices — microchips. This is a problem, because they are not flexible enough, they are expensive to design and manufacture.
To move to smaller, cheaper and more flexible design a transition to parallel processing is needed and the chip manufacturers are already making multi-core CPUs.
The next step is to make lots of smaller and smaller chips, the tiniest viable fragments, about a tenth of a millimeter or so, then literally sprinkle them into a viscous medium, and pour out computing by the pound or by the square inch. In this way you can paint a computer on your wall and if it's not powerful enough you put on another coat of computer..."

Computronium - Future

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