Tuesday, November 18, 2014



Soundscapes by Studio van Broekhoven

Sculpture made from a piece of sound spatially recorded (based on Chladni patterns) by Ricky van Broekhoven:

"As a sound designer and musician I always experience music as something very tangible. Almost in the same degree as experiencing a landscape. But sound always remains something ungraspable. I got fascinated by the Chladni patterns. They visualise resonance patterns of sound in a miraculous way. Salt or a similar substance is poured on a thin metal plate that is resonating on a clear tone. Every tone frequency has it’s own specific symmetrical organic drawing that appears. The device used is called a Chladni plate. During my research I built several. I made the process of transformation within the drawing on the Chladni plate three dimensional inspired by CT scan technology. A piece of sound is now spatially recorded.

Every soundbit will have it’s own characteristic sculpture. The results of this study consists of a 3d print of a soundbit of approx. 400-600hz and a handmade model of tulip wood of approx. 550-600hz."

Soundscapes by Studio van Broekhoven
Chladni patterns

Via PYTR 75

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