Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Melter 3-D by Takeshi Murata
Melter 3-D by Takeshi Murata

Images courtesy of the artist and Ratio 3, San Francisco

Incredible kinetic sculpture by Takeshi Murata, described (if that's possible) by The Creators Project as : "by definition a zoetrope, a device that produce the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures, but it's tangible. In other words, the installation is a sculptural animation. The 3D-object itself spins, creating a kinetic effect (with the help of some strobe lights) that makes it look as if it's melting into itself.

Murata spent months configuring the object on a computer before making a physical incarnation with a master fabricator and mechanical engineers who typically work on high-profile Hollywood CGI projects. The result is truly extraordinary, as the part-animation part-sculpture looks like an alien egg, or something otherwordly. It's as if the orb has a pulse and life of its own that doesn't totally adhere to physics.

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