Thursday, August 15, 2013

Circles and Countercircles


Circles and Countercircles by Troika

Troika | “Circles and Countercircles”, 2012

"The chandeliers build on Troika's fascination for optical phenomena taking inspiration in the work of early Enlightenment scientists and the manipulation of the very substance of the light itself. The principles at work in both chandeliers, namely the diffraction and controlled scattering of the light, is reminiscent of the early experiments of Sir Isaac Newton and the later Augustin Fresnel, while signifying a quest for deeper understanding which found a natural resonance with the values and legacy of the Royal Society of Arts, founded in 1754.

The chandeliers use large fresnel lenses to shape the light generated by high power LEDs into geometrical patterns projected onto the ceiling, thus contributing compelling decorative elements to the surrounding spaces while providing the necessary illumination levels."

Via laboratoire de curiosites

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