Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Imagined Galaxies

Intricate drawings by Brooklyn-based artist Marsha Cottrell:

Cosmos by Marsha Cottrell

She told Review Interview earlier this year: "The first landscape images in art I connected with as a young person were da Vinci’s “deluge” drawings. I was attracted to the idea that they were not representations of actual places, but eternal/internal landscapes that might be found anywhere at any moment in time. Their energy, architecture, and intricacy—but not rigidity—always appealed to me. They seemed to present an open platform with which to interact, and I’ve always aspired for my own work operate in a similar way."

Untitled by Marsha Cottrell
Between Spherical Waves by Marsha Cottrell
Hitherto Unknown Lights by Marsha Cottrell

Via but does it floatstacey thinx

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