Monday, April 16, 2012


Images from Chris McCaw's Sunburn series:

Sunburned GSP#125(Mojave) by Chris McCaw

"In this process the sun burns its path onto the light sensitive negative. After hours of exposure, the sky, as a result of the extremely intense light exposure, reacts in an effect called solarization- a natural reversal of tonality through over exposure. The resulting negative literally has a burnt hole in it with the landscape in complete reversal. "

Sunburned GSP#177(Pacific Ocean) by Chris McCaw
Sunburned GSP#65(Nevada) by Chris McCaw
Sunburned GSP#325 by Chris McCaw
Sunburn GSP#269(Pacific Ocean/Summer solstice) by Chris McCaw
Sunburned GSP#164(Mojave) by Chris McCaw

"My favorite part is watching smoke come out of the camera during the exposure and the faint smell of roasted marshmallows as the gelatin cooks!"

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