Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hijacking the Eye

From the man behind The Art of Penguin Science Fiction, James Pardey, comes another excellent website, The Art of Fontana Modern Masters (it's been around a while... I've only just come across it).

The first ten Fontana Modern Masters arranged as per Bevan's original painting

Fontana Modern Masters documents the evolution of the Modern Masters series through the designs produced by art director John Constable, who used the geometric abstraction of Oliver Bevan; Mike Dempsey, who incorporated block designs by James Lowe; Patrick Mortimer, who oversaw the art direction of the series from 1980-83; and the work of artist Jamie Shovlin – who reimagined the Modern Masters series as a set of watercolours.

The third set of Fontana Modern Masters in 1973-74 Fontana Modern Masters, Marx

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