Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ghostly International

I'm a big fan of Michael Cina's work - widely known for starting YouWorkForThem with Michael Paul Young, who assumed sole directorial and creative control in 2009 when Cina left to start his own design studio, Cina Associates - especially his work for record label Ghostly International, with it's abstract fusion of design, painting, and photography:

Michael Cina
Mark E; Stone Breaker. Artwork by Michael Cina
Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed. Artwork by Michael Cina

Cina, from an interview with Ghostly Founder Sam Valenti IV:

"I feel that artists should have no boundaries when it comes to medium. If you look at the crew from the Bauhaus, they were working in every arts profession and excelling in them all. I think when you work like that, each medium you explore influences the other. It is an artist's role to use everything at his disposal to push thought and limits. I feel capitalism has changed that aspect of art. If you look at the difference between artists today and artists 70 years ago, you will see stark differences in their body of work. Artists used to be so robust in their interests and exploration, and that is what excites and inspires me. We are in an extremely pivotal time where the public is taking back art. This will be a huge shift for every aspect of 'art.'"

Daso & Pawas: Det EP. Artwork by Michael Cina
Artwork by Michael Cina

Ghostly has made available a back catalog of his artwork to recognize four years of solid contribution to the record label - Michael Cina | The Ghostly Store

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