Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All The World’s A Page

What would Moby Dick look like on a single poster? What about The Origin of Species? Something like this...

All The World’s A Page - The Origin of Species

There's now nine posters available from All The World's A Page, including Das Kapital, Faust, Homer's Iliad to The Tragedy of Macbeth.

All The World’s A Page - The Origin of Species

"Out of a sense of idle curiosity, Ian Warner from Berlin’s Blotto Design tried to typeset an entire novel on a poster, using James Joyce’s Ulysses as experimental raw material.

The result was impressive and was met with a lot of enthusiasm from friends and clients of the office. Blotto decided to turn the idea into a commercial project, and launched a webshop which currently sells four posters based on the original idea: Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Homer’s Iliad in English; Goethe’s Faust (parts I & II) and Marx’s Das Kapital in German.

The longest text is Marx’s Das Kapital, which has over 800,000 words, and is set in 2.2pt type. The result is a wall of text, which intrigues the viewer by slowly revealing its content the closer one gets to the poster: from a distance it resembles a uniform grey-scale field; from up close the hidden structure of the text is revealed through the varying density of paragraph symbols.

Parsing and structuring Shakespeare’s Macbeth as a table was a marathon task of database hacking, automated text formatting and search-and-replace routines.

All The World’s A Page

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