Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oracle Series

A series of silver gelatin prints by Victoria Haven that combine drawing, sculpture and photography...

Oracle 3 by Victoria Haven

"More than a decade ago I left the familiar confines of paint and canvas and challenged myself to find new ways of creating work that seemed more pertinent to my increasing desire to move beyond 2 dimensions. In a necessary break from what had become a comfortable process….I stripped away everything familiar and essentially started over. Using the most immediate and available materials on hand at the time ( rubber-bands and nails ), I began to build my work back up one line at a time. Those humble beginnings have led to many installations and investigations into other materials and I see that work as the basis for everything I’ve made since."
– Victoria Haven

Oracle 1 by Victoria Haven
Oracle 2 by Victoria Haven
Oracle 5 by Victoria Haven
Oracle 4 by Victoria Haven

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