Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arranged Cities

Artist Armelle Caron abstracts urban city plans, deconstructing them to identify fragments and classifying blocks by size and shape:

Armelle Caron - Villes Rangées - Paris
Armelle Caron - Villes Rangées - New York
Armelle Caron - Villes Rangées - Istanbul
Armelle Caron - Villes Rangées - Berlin

"In this way, Caron reveals a hidden experience to any pedestrian, by reshaping the banality of diverse urban fabrics. She translates them into a sort of notes on a score. And in this score, one can re-read the rhythm of a city with rectangular blocks, mega-blocks, super-blocks, medieval corners, triangular Baroque language, or longitudinal coastal strips."
via deconcrete

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