Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hyperfocal Focusing

Whilst traversing the interweb in my neverending quest for ideas... and stuff, I came across Hyperfocal Focusing, also known as Hyperfocal Distance - a photographic technique for taking "advantage of depth-of-field to achieve the greatest amount of apparent focus". There was me thinking depth-of-field was simply about using the smallest aperture openings (f/16, f/22 or even f/32) - which does help - but apparently this is not the whole story and is where it starts to get more complicated (and geeky - there's always so much jargon used in photography).

Anyways, I'm not going to attempt to explain it here, but pass on some useful articles that helped me understand what it is and where it's useful:

What is Hyperfocal Distance and why should I care?
Hyperfocal Focusing for Better Landscape Photographs
Effective use of hyperfocal focusing for wide angle landscape photos

BTW: (also highlighting my ignorance) prime lenses (i.e. fixed focal length) used to have 'Depth of Field Scale' marked on the lens so you could figure out the depth-of-field based on the f-stop (aperture).

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