Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hydrology: Visions in Ice

Hydrology: Visions in Ice - by Douglas Capron

Photographs and text by Douglas Capron:

I am inspired by transformations and transitions that occur within nature, people and music.

My photographic opportunities often arrive unexpectedly and I am always fascinated by how our perception of time alternates with various life experiences. I hope my work travels beyond graphic emotional impact and that it will provoke and sustain a subtle dialogue with the viewer.

With my current series, Hydrology: Visions in Ice, my goal was to share with viewers the ephemeral mystery that occurs when water transforms into ice in
a natural setting. The resulting formations are surprisingly dynamic, organically expressive and complex, and pose more questions than are revealed beyond an aesthetic perspective in our relationship with the most basic element that sustains us all.

I was fascinated by the elaborate, unpredictable and beautiful shapes. These formed and morphed on a small lake in a city park over a few days as winter temperatures started to descend and the crystallization process began and then further, gradually evolving into mysterious patterns of solid ice announcing the arrival of winter.

I photographed this project through the use of long exposure times at night to eliminate glare during the day which allowed me to retain detail and texture.

Hydrology: Visions in Ice - by Douglas Capron
Hydrology: Visions in Ice - by Douglas Capron
Hydrology: Visions in Ice - by Douglas Capron

This series was submitted by Douglas Capron for the 2009 Lens Culture International Exposure Awards

Douglas Capron

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