Thursday, July 30, 2009

Toko Type

Toko Type

New typeface from Toko - lush.
Via Monster-Munch/Nitzan


Mesmerizing work of Robert Hodgin (aka flight404) (you know the super-cool new Visualizer packed with iTunes? Robert made that):

Made with Processing. Audio by Goldfrapp ("Lovely Head" off her first album).

Solar, with lyrics,

Tron Legacy Trailer

Shiny new official trailer:

How's about some gorgeous concept images for you...

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy

Or, even better, this stunning (unofficial) tribute poster by Canadian Graphic artist James White!...

Tron Legacy by James White

Brilliant Noise

Brilliant Noise by Semiconductor: Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt:

Brilliant Noise takes us into the data vaults of solar astronomy. After sifting through hundreds of thousands of computer files, made accessible via open access archives, Semiconductor have brought together some of the sun's finest unseen moments. These images have been kept in their most raw form, revealing the energetic particles and solar wind as a rain of white noise. This grainy black and white quality is routinely cleaned up by NASA, hiding the processes and mechanics in action behind the capturing procedure. Most of the imagery has been collected as single snapshots containing additional information, by satellites orbiting the Earth. They are then reorganised into their spectral groups to create time-lapse sequences.

Semiconductor developed Brilliant Noise as a multi-stranded project; It exists as a single work and also as a multi-screen installation.

Brilliant Noise installed at Recombinant media Labs
Brilliant Noise installed at Recombinant media Labs. San Francisco August 2006

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Art of Science Fiction

The Art of Science Fiction

Inspired by the fascinating Art of Penguin Science Fiction website, I put together a montage of covers from my collection - I don't have enough to make a Penguin Science Fiction version... yet!

Anonima Group

Anonima Group

The American artist collaborative, Anonima Group, was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1960 by Ernst Benkert, Francis Hewitt and Ed Mieczkowski. Propelled by their rejection of the cult of the ego and automatic style of the Abstract Expressionists, the artists worked collaboratively on grid-based, spatially fluctuating drawings and paintings that were precise investigations of the scientific phenomena and psychology of optical perception. The work was accompanied by writings: proposals, projects and manifestos - socialist in nature - which the artists considered essential to the experience and understanding of their work.
Source Wikipedia

Optic Nerve Exhibition at Columbus Museum of Art featuring Anonima group

1965 Time Magazine Article discussing Anonima Group

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Koolhand by Chris Papasadero

Free experimental typeface designed by Chris Papasadero inspired by the architecture of Rem Koolhaas.

Download Koolhand here
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