Monday, July 27, 2009

Flickr Favourites

Recent favourites on Flickr:

On the Silver Globe On the Silver Globe the time before time, 2 the time before time
Frida Kahlo's Necklace in Paper 09.06.09_11 fig. 1-2 Young anonymous
... summer days
New Homepage Sound Sphere Sound Sphere Sound Sphere big hand blue, blue, blueness
Geometric Composition Egg timer. mean people suck Lifeguard Tower .
an extract from History of an Imaginary City Algirdas Steponavicius, Constructions I, 1969, lithograph Algirdas Steponavicius, Constructions II, 1969, color lithograph Pox on Box on Pox Surreal Painting no.1 Nonsense Chart No.1

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