Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jaunā Gaita

There's been a few articles about the design of this Latvian magazine, Jaunā Gaita (The New Course) - here's the pick of the bunch, for me (although there's so many to choose from...):

Jaunā Gaita 105
Jaunā Gaita 196Jaunā Gaita 204
Jaunā Gaita 144
Jaunā Gaita 83Jaunā Gaita 214

The magazine is still in print and you can view over 50 years of covers here

Also on the inter-web:

grain edit • 53 Years of Latvian magazine - Jaunā Gaita
Jaunā Gaita on ISO50 - The Blog of Scott Hansen
Mikus Vanag’s Jaunā Gaita archive on Flickr

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