Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Computational Aesthetics of Love & Hate

A_B_ Peace & Terror, by The Luxury of Protest - the design practise of Peter Crnokrak - depicts the degree to which each member state of the UN contributes to peace (shown on a poster's "A-side") or terror (displayed on its "B-side").

A_B_ Peace & Terror by The Luxury of Protest

DESCRIPTION—A_B_ ... is a geopolitical survey of the 192 member states of the United Nations with regard to the quantitative degree to which each contributes to peace and terror in the world. The project is a dual-sided poster where the A_ side displays measures of peace, while the B_ side, measures of terror. For each of the A_B_ measures, the graph is divided into 3 rings (3 separate indexes for peace and 3 separate indexes for terror) that are individual quantitative measures obtained from researchers working in the field of geopolitics. The quantitative variation for the peace and terror measures is represented as variation in line thickness: thin line=low value, thick line=high value.

A_B_ Peace & Terror by The Luxury of Protest
A_B_ Peace & Terror by The Luxury of Protest

A_B_ Peace & Terror is available as a gorgeous dual-sided screen print - the A_ side is printed verso in metallic graphite ink while the B_ side is printed recto in pearlescent white ink - from Design Supremo

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