Saturday, March 21, 2009

100 Free Monochrome Geometric Patterns

100 Free Monochrome Geometric Patterns by Martin Isaac

For the betterment of mankind may I present 100 (free) seamless vector pattern swatches (also as symbols) for Adobe Illustrator CS and higher. Marvelous monochrome geometric tessellations great for use as backgrounds, fill patterns, and optical illusions... all in glorious black and white.

Download Now - 100 Free Monochrome Geometric Patterns


  1. do you mind make a tutorial how to use your very nice pattern?
    Thank you!

  2. i have a question, i can post about these freedownload and to said that they can develop theiy own pattern mixing the original file ( for fashion - textiles) or no?? i write on a blog thta´s the name is in portuguese

  3. Hmmm... interesting -

    Using a lot of the pattern in it's original form, for commercial gain :(


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