Monday, July 17, 2006

Non-Photography Day

Non-Photography Day

Something to do with this: Non-Photography Day

"Photographer urges no-photo day

For irony fans everywhere, a photo of a sign for Non-Photography Day
A photographer from Brighton in southern England is urging the people of the world to take a day out and stop taking pictures.
Becca Bland has launched "non-photography day" - planned for 17 July - through a website together with a sticker and flyposter campaign in various cities in England.

Ms Bland told BBC World Service's Culture Shock programme that the idea has "gone global" with interest in Manchester, Leeds, London and Brighton, and even further afield in Australia and Japan.

She explained that she wanted people to "put your camera down and appreciate the moment you are in".

"Experience life in an unmediated fashion, without anything in front of your eyes. Live in the moment," she added."

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