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Voronoi Diagram

"A Voronoi diagram is a division of a space determined by distances to a specified set of points. It is the mathematical construct that determines bubbles, cellular growth and most other "packing" models of fluid substances. Each entity (bubble, cell, etc.) is marked by a point, and the space is constructed around that point such that it tries to balance the divides between the points."

How to: Draw the Voronoi Diagram »

Artisanal Voronoi 1 SM by ske765book
Final by soundofdesign
Segmentation and Symptom (2000: Golan Levin)

Might have to give this a go myself...

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Supreme Sunlight

a.d.l.r. - "Supreme Sunlight" from Non Projects on Vimeo.

Experimental music video for a.d.l.r ( by Kim Asendorf, from their album Foam on the Waves of Space-Time. - includes Kim's glitch graphic, pixel sorting technique...

Supreme Sunlight still, video by Kim Asendorf
Supreme Sunlight still, video by Kim Asendorf

To see how this works, you can check out an animated GIF of the process here.

Kim Asendorf's Glitch collection on Flickr

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"Meillassoux may tell us that unreason is the only principle reason can establish; Harman may tell us that objects always withdraw from any encounter with us; Brassier may tell us that we can know nothing at all, because "knowledge" is a mere notion of folk psychology. But we know the truth. What is really real is that the unchanging substance of which all good blog names are made is a gothy adjective and a philosophical noun. Here, finally, is a website that creates blog names so great, you don't have to go to the trouble of making the actual blog."

Generate your blog name here

Couple of my favourites:

Fecund Realism
Beguiling Ruin
Decadent Aesthetics

Dirty Diamond
Dirty Diamond by NICO189

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Andrzej Bertrandt’s 1972 Polish movie poster for Tarkovsky‘s adaptation of Stanislaw Lem‘s Solaris:

Andrzej Bertrandt’s 1972 Polish movie poster for Solaris

Not sure about the copy bit at the bottom, but loving the rest of it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Artilects: artificial intellects, i.e. godlike massively intelligent machines with intellectual capacities trillions of trillions of times above the human level.

Via From Cosmism to deism | KurzweilAli by Hugo de Garis

"Robot artificial intelligence is evolving a million times faster than human intelligence. This is a consequence of Moore’s law, which states that the electronic performance of chips is doubling every year or so, whereas it took a million years for our human brains to double their capacities.

It is therefore likely that it is only a matter of time before our machines become smarter than we are. It is also likely that this development will occur this century if humanity chooses to allow it to happen.

Extract from Building Gods or Building Our Potential Exterminators? | KurzweilAli

:: Lama :: By Firmorama

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Etewaf: Everything That Ever Was–Available Forever

Kyle Munkittrick explains in his article 'The First Decade of the Future is Behind Us':

"Jean Baudrillard, an impenetrable post-modern French philosopher who lived long enough to see his predictions in Simulacra and Simulation come true, described our current situation as hyper-reality. The present is overloaded with information and everything becomes meta-ironic-underground-mainstream-old-retro-cool faster than we can process. As all the sources of meaning get their wires crossed, the past is mined for the Next Big Thing because we know what worked once before, where as no one has any idea what the future actually holds. Patton Oswalt describes the phenomenon as “Etewaf: Everything That Ever Was–Available Forever.” The past can become new because we didn’t have enough time to understand it’s value the first go around."

Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die | Magazine - Oswalt goes on to describe the Etewaf singularity where pop culture becomes self-aware...


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Amazing Tilt Shift in Power by Fom Berg. Be warned soundtrack contains extreme low frequencies. Turn volume down on portable devices:

An excavation, gigatons in motion. In the extraterrestrial view magnetic field resonances mix up with power line frequencies.
A planet is examined, microscopically, zoomed in from afar.
Dimensions without scale. Energy harvest permanently.
The earth, a megalopolis is making megawatt.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Angela Strassheim's Evidence project:

Evidence No. 1 by Angela Strassheim
Evidence No. 1 by Angela Strassheim
Evidence No. 2 by Angela Strassheim
Evidence No. 2 by Angela Strassheim
Evidence No. 3 by Angela Strassheim
Evidence No. 3 by Angela Strassheim
Evidence No. 4 by Angela Strassheim
Evidence No. 4 by Angela Strassheim
Evidence No. 5 by Angela Strassheim
Evidence No. 5 by Angela Strassheim

"Long after the struggles ended in these spaces, despite the cleaning, repainting and subsequent re-habitation of the rooms, the "Blue Star" solution is capable of activating the physical memory of blood through its contact with remaining proteins on the walls. Long exposures- from ten minutes to one hour- with minimal ambient night light pouring in from the crevices of windows and doors, capture the physical presence of blood as a lurid glow: a constellation of stars embedded in the walls."
Text via The Exposure Project

Via PYTR 75

Tokyo Sky Drive - Night ver.- 01

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Platonic Solids

"These five Platonic solids are ideal, primal models of crystal patterns that occur throughout the world of minerals in countless variations. These are the only five regular polyhedra, that is, the only five solids made from the same equilateral, equiangular polygons. They are geometrical forms which are said to act as a template from which all life springs. The aesthetic beauty and symmetry of the Platonic solids have made them a favorite subject of geometers for thousands of years. They are named after the ancient Greek philosopher Plato who theorized that the classical elements were constructed from the regular solids. To the Greeks, these solids symbolized fire, earth, air, spirit (or ether) and water.

The Platonic solids are also called "cosmic figures" and are the basic modules for Sacred Geometry. There will be more about Sacred Geometry soon.


Sacred Geometry 1 by Michæl Paukner
Sacred Geometry 1 by Michæl Paukner


Uploaded a couple more patterns to my Dreamstime portfolio - part of my get rich slowly (but surely) plan aka passive income - all are available for purchase:

Organic Circle Pattern
Funky Camouflage Pattern
Retro Circle Pattern

Tree of Codes

Check out this awesome book by Jonathan Safran Foer:

Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer
Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer
Images via Visual Editions

Starting with writer Bruno Schulz’s book The Street of Crocodiles (Foer's favourite book), Foer cut away portions of the text to create an entirely new story, Tree of Codes, making a book with a different die-cut on every page (what a production nightmare!).

On Amazon: Tree of Codes

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20 predictions for the next 25 years

The Guardian has put together an interesting list of predictions for the next 25 years:

– Geopolitics: 'Rivals will take greater risks against the US'
– UK economy: 'The popular revolt against bankers will become impossible to resist'
– Global development: 'A vaccine will rid the world of Aids'
– Energy: 'Returning to a world that relies on muscle power is not an option'
– Advertising: 'All sorts of things will just be sold in plain packages'
– Neuroscience: 'We'll be able to plug information streams directly into the cortex'
– Physics: 'Within a decade, we'll know what dark matter is'
– Food: 'Russia will become a global food superpower'
– Nanotechnology: 'Privacy will be a quaint obsession'
– Gaming: 'We'll play games to solve problems'
– Web/internet: 'Quantum computing is the future'
– Fashion: 'Technology creates smarter clothes'
– Nature: 'We'll redefine the wild'
– Architecture: What constitutes a 'city' will change
– Sport: 'Broadcasts will use holograms'
– Transport: 'There will be more automated cars'
– Health: 'We'll feel less healthy'
– Religion: 'Secularists will flatter to deceive'
– Theatre: 'Cuts could force a new political fringe'
– Storytelling: 'Eventually there'll be a Twitter classic'

Read the full article here »

Via Sentient Developments


A poster for "this Time Tomorrow" by the Kinks by christopher Paul

Unusual Situations

Woah, my eyes! Crazy optical illusions...

optical illusion

optical illusion
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