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computers are basically machines for doing arithmetic. But because of their speed of operation and their capacity for storing complex information for use at precisely the right moment, they represent an immense and sudden step forward ; already computers exert a powerful influence upon the shape of modern life. Will they cause massive unemployment among 'white collar workers' or alternatively open up a tremendous new era of prosperity and technological progress?

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Friday, June 12, 2009



No one knew where Berserkers came from. Everyone knew what they had come for.
They were mechanical killers; their brain a computer programmed to destroy all forms of life.

And Berserkers were illogical. The random disintegration of atoms could select any one of infinite means of destruction.

Already planet after planet had been pounded into steam and dust.

Only one kind of being could beat the Berserker.

A race whose whole history had been spent developing more powerful weapons.

A race conditioned to throw away their lives for the title 'hero'.

The race was called man.

[From the back cover BTW]

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